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Demonstrating uncertainty is a requirement.  Not maintaining an uncertainty budget can result in exposure to bias error and without knowledge of uncertainty in measurement a meaningful comparison cannot be achieved.

KELTON® have over 20 years’ experience in evaluating uncertainty in measurement systems and UNCERTAINTYPLUS®.net is a stand-alone application developed by KELTON®, designed for engineers to independently assess the uncertainty of a metering system for a given set of operating conditions.


  • Fully traceable uncertainty calculations
  • Selection of modules available for different metering systems
  • Uncertainty calculated for all common secondary instrumentation
  • Uncertainty calculations can be configured and saved as files
  • Full reports can be saved and printed
  • Portable – access to network is not required
  • Uncertainty calculated over a range of process conditions or production profiles


  • Compliance is demonstrated
  • Meaningful comparisons between measurements can be made
  • Calibration intervals can be optimised and uncertainty based
  • Designed by KELTON® measurement consultants
  • Developed and supported by KELTON® IT professionals

In summary, UNCERTAINTYPLUS® can:

  • Define commercial exposure
  • Allow data to be easily accessed and assessed
  • Optimise current systems
  • Identify and prevent costly errors

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