NANOFILTER SYSTEM 1 - For Helium Carrier Gas


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Product Information

  • Twin cartridge filters for redundant continuous operation.
  • Gas Filters can be installed or replaced within seconds without disturbing the analytical performance of the gas-chromatographic system.
  • Filter does not connect directly into the gas line, but onto a specially designed base plate, allowing a diffusion-proof installation without the use of tools.
  • The filter has the capabilities to remove hydrocarbons, Oxygen and moisture to meet or exceed better than 6.0 gas (99.9999%). Purification is independent of original gas quality.
  • Benefit in increase lifetime of GC columns and prevent column bleed which is important to TCD and PID Gas Chromatography.
  • Eliminate or decrease baseline noise.
  • Eliminate Spikes and ghost peak.
  • Cartridge using fast-connect diffusion-proof design.
  • Maximum pressure at 11 bar (160 psig) with a maximum flow of 7L/min.

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